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Pacman pie image Julia Elman



Below are a selection of projects I have worked on throughout my career.

Manages and leads a fully remote Security Experience Team create the public's one account for government.

Department of Veterans Affairs Developer Portal

Managed and led a fully remote UX Team to build the first openly available API program at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Key responsibilities include creating processes and workflows for design and research practices, training and onboarding individual contributors to a high growth program, writing performance reviews, partnering with Product Managers, Engineers and stakeholders to help produce meaningful outcomes for Veterans.

Zapier Visual Identity

U.S. Web Design System

Led the first U.S. Web Design System, a library of open-source UI components and visual styles to create beautiful, consistent experiences across the federal government. It has been used by over 100 federal and states agencies since its launch in 2015.


Led the front end design and development for Pulse, a project of the General Services Administration that measures how U.S. government domains are following best practices for federal websites. Her team worked directly with the clients at the Office of Government-wide Policy to design and develop an interface for cataloging .gov urls for https compliance and Digital Analytics Program participation. Since its launch, SSL implementation for government urls has increased by 118%.


Developed and designed the front end interface for, a community directory for Mozilla core individuals and groups that participate. Julia worked with a team of product managers, designers, and developers to build a new interface for a directory servicing over 2,500 users.

Ellington CMS

Developed and designed applications for Ellington CMS and Marketplace, a premiere newsroom content management system and online advertising platforms. She designed and coded various components, as well as created video training materials for a client base with varying degrees of technological proficiency.